Enphase Home Energy Solution

Power your home with Enphase, the world’s most advanced solar energy technology. The Enphase Home Solution combines energy generation with monitoring, control, and storage, all in one connected platform that makes clean energy simpler and smarter. Paired with Nexia, the Enphase system is even more connected to the rest of your smart home.

  • Access Enphase MyEnlighten monitoring tool from your Nexia app
  • See your energy production and usage in hourly, daily or monthly increments
  • Maximize your energy savings — each panel operates independently for higher production despite shade, dust or debris
  • Expand your flexible system as your needs grow
  • Safeguard your home with the safest solar technology with no high-voltage power on your roof
  • Adapt with remote updates to future requirements

pdf iconDownload the Enphase Enlightened Solar Brochure

Nexia Home Starter Bundle

Our home starter bundle makes it easier than ever to tap into the convenience of home automation.  The Nexia Home Bridge serves as the hub for the Nexia system, using Z-wave technology to communicate wirelessly with products throughout the home.  The appliance module automates lamps, fans, small TVs, and other small home appliances. Even more, the appliance module extends the range of the Bridge to reach even the farthest corner of your favorite room. Together, these two products build a simple, mobile, and scalable foundation for home automation.

  • The Nexia Bridge allows you secure home management through your online Nexia account and app.
  • The Nexia Bridge connects to your router to allow you to control your home through a securely encrypted broadband Internet connection.
  • It communicates wirelessly with many other Nexia-compatible Z-Wave products, allows complete control over your home, whether you’re at home or away.
  • Add over 200 Nexia compatible devices to the Bridge to expand your home automation system anytime.
  • Includes Schlage Home Appliance module. Only capable of on/off functions.


Download The Bridge User Guide

GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Control

The in-wall fan control easily replaces any standard in-wall switch to remotely control a ceiling fan in your home through Nexia. Equip your home with ultimate flexibility with the GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Control, capable of being used by itself or with up to 4 GE add-on switches.

Key Features:

  • Turn fan on/off and control up to three speed levels remotely with your Nexia app
  • Interchangeable paddles; white & light almond paddles included in package*
  • Easy to install; includes space savings screw terminals and neutral jumper wires
  • Automate with Nexia based on temperature** or time of day; or trigger actions from other smart products in your home
  • LED indicator light allows you to easily locate the switch in a dark room
*Wall plate not included
**Z-Wave temperature sensor required

Ceiling Fan Control Help File

Appliance Module/ Z-Wave Repeater

Control your lights and small appliances while extending your Z-wave signal with the Schlage Home Appliance Module.  Turn on or off lamps, fans, small appliances, and more from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with Nexia. This appliance module is perfect if you want to control lighting without messing with wiring — just plug it in.

  • Works with all types of lighting (Incandescent, CFL, LED, etc)  and small appliances
  • Reduce energy use and save money by turning lights and small appliances off
  • Set Nexia to automatically trigger ”lights on” with a Schlage Home Keypad Lock when you enter your code at the door
  • Acts as a Z-Wave repeater, expanding the reach of Nexia in your home by extending its range up to 50-100 additional feet
  • A Z-Wave®- certified product

Majanos AC Home Intelligence Solutions

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System Control






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